Spray Tanning

Tips for laying down on a tanning bed for perfect tan results

For time immemorial, our obsession with young and healthy-looking skin has not changed. Whether it’s a woman or a man, everyone yearns for a youthful complexion. Sun tanning is one of those beauty treatments found in many people’s beauty regimes. While sun tanning is a preferred choice by many to get a glowing and golden skin tone, it comes with a few downsides. Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to many skin conditions include skin cancer. Luckily for tanning enthusiasts, the introduction to sunless tanning and spray tanning by luxury tanning salon has come by as a delight. 

Unlike sun tanning, sunless tanning techniques, like automated tanning beds and vertical tanning booths, use heat emitting lamps. The heat-producing from the lamp has the same effect on the skin as the sun rays. However, the lamps don’t produce harmful rays, making them entirely safe for use. Sunless tanning techniques produce more refined tan results and are hassle-less. All you have to do is lie down on the tan bed or stand up and wait for the machine to do its magic. 

If you are considering getting a sunless tanning treatment for the first time, there are some things to know. While standing in a vertical tanning booth is not tricky, one must know how to lie down on a horizontal tanning bed. Miss placing yourself inside a tanning bed can lead to uneven and awkward tan results. 

In this post, we have listed down some tips to lie down in a tanning bed. These tips will help you get the best tan results. 

Laying Position: On your Stomach

 You either choose to lie down on your back or on your stomach at any tanning spas in Hampton VA. If you decide to lie down on your stomach, make sure you are comfortably laying on your belly. Doing so will prevent creases and tan lines from appearing on your backside.

To lie down on the tan bed on your stomach, form a pillow with your arms, and comfortably rest your chin on it. This will make the neck area accessible for the beams. Your arms and wrists will also get evenly tanned with your back area.

When laying face down on the tan bed, make sure your feet rest appropriately. Use your toes to rest your feet and slightly lift them. Keep your toes properly closer to one another. Lifting your toes will ensure your legs are not directly touching the tanning bed. Additionally, this helps in getting your knees properly tanned and enhances the overall tan result. Avoid making too many body movements as it can prevent the tan from setting evenly on the skin.

Laying Position: On your Back  

Compared to laying on your stomach, laying on your back inside the tan booth is more comfortable and more relaxing. If you are getting inside a tanning booth for the first time, considering laying down on your back. While this position is comfortable, one should take certain precautions to ensure the tanning rays effectively cover most parts of the body. Simply laying down on your back will not help you get that desired bronzed skin. 

When laying on your back, keep your back straight and flat to avoid the formation of uneven tan lines on your back. Once you are laying down flat on the tan bed, lift your keens higher than your body. Then, rest your feet on the heels to allow the beams to cover the sole of your feet. …